.C02 File Extension

A .C02 file is a WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File, created by e-merge.

Open with E-merge WinAce (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .C02 file?

A .C02 file is a part of a larger file that has been divided into smaller pieces using a program called E-merge WinAce, which is a tool for making files smaller (compressing them) and for splitting them up on a Windows computer. This specific .C02 file is the second piece of a divided archive. An archive is like a box where you can put many files inside and then make the box smaller so it takes up less space. The .C02 file holds one part of this "box" and can have one or many files inside it that have been made smaller by WinAce.

However, it's important to know that the program E-merge WinAce, which is used to open and create these .C02 files, is no longer being updated or supported. This means that if you have a .C02 file, you might need to find another program that can open this type of file, or you might have to look for an old version of WinAce.

WinAce is special because it lets you break up a big archive into smaller pieces. This is really useful if you need to send the archive over the Internet or carry it on something like a CD or a USB stick, which might not have enough space for one big file. When you use WinAce to split an archive, the first piece is named with a .c01 extension, the second piece (which we are talking about) is named with a .c02 extension, and it continues like this for each piece of the archive.


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