.C2G File Extension

A .C2G file is a Lexy's Labyrinth Level Pack Index, created by eevee.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .C2G file?

A .C2G file is a type of file used by Lexy's Labyrinth, which is a puzzle game that you can play in your web browser. The ".C2G" stands for "Lexy's Labyrinth Level Pack Index." This file acts like a table of contents for a collection of puzzle levels, which are stored in files ending in .C2M.

The .C2G file itself is a simple text file. This means it is written in plain text and lists the names or identifiers of all the levels (.C2M files) that are included in a specific level pack. These level packs are usually grouped together and compressed into a .ZIP file for easy download and sharing. Inside the .ZIP file, you will find both the .C2G file and all the corresponding .C2M files it references.

To open a .C2G file, you can use any basic text editing software. Here are some examples of programs that can open .C2G files: 1. **Vim** - This is a powerful text editor used by many programmers. It can be a bit complex for beginners but is very versatile. 2. **Microsoft Notepad** - This is a very simple text editor that is included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is very easy to use. 3. **Apple TextEdit** - This is the default text editor on Mac computers. It is straightforward and can handle plain text files like .C2G files. 4. **Any text editor** - Besides the specific ones mentioned, any basic text editor can open a .C2G file because it is just a plain text file. 5. **Lexy's Labyrinth** - This is the game for which the .C2G file is created. Within the game, these files are used to load and organize the level packs.

If you want to see or edit the contents of a .C2G file, you can simply open it with any of these text editors. If you are looking to play the levels listed in the .C2G file, you will need to access them through Lexy's Labyrinth game, typically after extracting them from a .ZIP archive if they were downloaded in that format.


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