.C2D File Extension

A .C2D file is a WinOnCD Disc Image, created by Roxio.

Open with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .C2D file?

The file extension .C2D represents a WinOnCD Disc Image file. This type of file is essentially a digital copy of the entire contents of a CD. It is created using WinOnCD, a software program originally developed by Sonic Solutions and later managed by Roxio. The .C2D file format is used to store an exact replica of the data found on a CD, which includes all the files and the structure of the CD itself. This can be particularly useful for making duplicates of CDs or for backing up the data on a CD to prevent data loss in case the physical CD is damaged or lost.

To work with .C2D files, you can use several software programs that are capable of opening and handling this specific disc image format: 1. **Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9** - This is a comprehensive software suite by Roxio that offers tools for creating, editing, and burning various disc formats, including .C2D files. It is the direct successor of the original WinOnCD software, ensuring compatibility and support for .C2D files.

2. **H+H Software Virtual CD** - This program allows users to create virtual drives on their computer. It can mount .C2D files as if they were actual CDs, enabling users to access the contents without needing a physical CD drive.

3. **Smart Projects IsoBuster** - IsoBuster is known for its ability to recover data from various types of damaged or corrupted discs. It can also open and extract files from .C2D disc images, making it a useful tool for data recovery and management.

4. **EZB Systems UltraISO** - UltraISO offers capabilities to edit, create, and burn various disc image formats including .C2D. It allows users to directly manipulate the files within a disc image, convert between formats, and create bootable CDs and DVDs.

5. **MagicISO — Discontinued** - Although MagicISO is no longer being updated, it was once a popular tool for handling CD and DVD image files, including .C2D files. It allowed users to create, edit, and burn disc images.

6. **Roxio Toast 20** - Primarily designed for Mac users, Roxio Toast offers extensive disc burning and copying capabilities. It supports a wide range of disc image formats including .C2D, providing Mac users with the tools needed to manage these files effectively.

These programs provide various functionalities, from simple


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