.CBG File Extension

A .CBG file is a CyberGauge Data File, created by ChessBase.

Open with ChessBase. Available for Windows.

What is a .CBG file?

The file extension .CBG stands for a CyberGauge Data File, but it is also used by ChessBase, a software program designed for analyzing and reviewing chess games. This type of file is crucial as it stores information about the moves made during chess games. It can hold data from multiple chess matches, making it a valuable component of a chess game database.

When you use ChessBase, the .CBG file is one part of a collection of files that together create a complete chess database. This database helps users to study and review games, exploring different strategies and moves.

To open a .CBG file, you can use programs like ChessBase or ChessBase Reader. These programs are specifically designed to handle files related to chess games, allowing you to view and analyze the game data stored in .CBG files.

It's important to note that ChessBase manages its databases through several types of files, not just .CBG. For instance, .CBH files store header information but need to be used in conjunction with other files like .CBG to fully access the database content. On the other hand, .CBV and .CBZ files are archive files that contain all the necessary database files, including .CBG, in a single package.

In summary, if you are looking to open and work with .CBG files, you should use ChessBase or ChessBase Reader. These tools will allow you to access and analyze the chess game data effectively.


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