.CBH File Extension

A .CBH file is a ChessBase Database Header File, created by ChessBase.

Open with ChessBase. Available for Windows.

What is a .CBH file?

The .CBH file extension stands for a ChessBase Database Header File. This type of file is used by ChessBase, a software application designed for analyzing and replaying chess games. The .CBH file contains important header information about the chess games that have been played. It is part of a larger set of files that together make up a complete database of chess games. For the database to work correctly, the .CBH file must be kept together with its associated files.

To open a .CBH file, you can use programs like ChessBase, ChessBase Fritz, or ChessBase Reader. These programs allow you to view and manage the contents of the chess game database.

If you need to move or backup the database, it's important to include the .CBH file along with all other related files. Alternatively, you can use ChessBase or Fritz to combine all the necessary files into a single .CBV file, which is easier to manage and transfer.

For those who do not have the full version of ChessBase or Fritz, the ChessBase Reader is available for free and can also open these databases, allowing you to access the game information stored within them.


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