.CBU File Extension

A .CBU file is a Comodo Backup File, created by Comodo Group.

Open with Comodo Backup. Available for Windows.

What is a .CBU file?

The file extension .CBU stands for a Comodo Backup File. This type of file is created by a software called Comodo Backup, which is designed to help users save copies of their computer files. Comodo Backup can be used to back up files on your own computer (local backup) or to save them online (remote online storage backup).

A .CBU file can contain various types of data. This includes important system files that help your computer operate, as well as personal files like email accounts, digital photos, documents, and records of instant messaging conversations. The purpose of creating a .CBU file is to have a secure copy of your data, which can be very useful if you lose the original files due to a computer crash, virus attack, or other issues.

To access or restore the data saved in a .CBU file, you need to use the Comodo Backup program. This is the only software that can open and manage .CBU files. By using Comodo Backup, you can restore your lost or damaged files from the .CBU backup file to your computer.


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