.CBV File Extension

A .CBV file is a ChessBase Database File, created by ChessBase.

Open with ChessBase. Available for Windows.

What is a .CBV file?

A .CBV file is a type of file used specifically for storing chess game data. It is created by a software called ChessBase, which is popular among chess enthusiasts for analyzing and reviewing chess games. This software is often used to study historical chess matches played by famous chess players like Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, and Bobby Fischer.

The .CBV file format is essentially a compact archive that contains a collection of chess games. Each file can store multiple games, including all the individual moves made in each game. This makes it a convenient way to save and organize a large number of chess games in one place.

To open a .CBV file, you can use programs specifically designed for handling ChessBase files. These include: 1. **ChessBase**: The main software that creates and manages .CBV files. It offers extensive tools for analyzing chess games and is widely used by professional chess players and coaches. 2. **ChessBase Fritz**: Another program from the same company, which also supports opening and analyzing .CBV files. It includes various training and practice features to help improve your chess skills. 3. **ChessBase Reader**: A free tool offered by ChessBase that allows you to open and view .CBV files. It's a good option if you don't need the full suite of analysis tools provided by ChessBase or ChessBase Fritz.

When you create a database in ChessBase, it usually saves the data as a .CBH file along with several other supporting files. However, for easier sharing or copying of these databases, you can compress all these files into a single .CBV file. This makes it more convenient to distribute and manage large collections of chess games, especially when sharing them with other players or transferring them between different computers.


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