.CCA File Extension

A .CCA file is a cc:Mail Archive File, created by IBM.

Open with Microsoft Importer for Lotus ccMail Archives. Available for Windows.

What is a .CCA file?

The file extension .CCA represents a cc:Mail Archive File. This type of file was created by a program called cc:Mail, which was an email application designed to run on the MS-DOS operating system. Although cc:Mail is no longer in use, these files contain important data such as email messages and any attachments associated with those emails. They were primarily used to back up email information.

Originally, cc:Mail was developed by a company that was later acquired by Lotus. Following this acquisition, cc:Mail's features were integrated into Lotus Notes, a more modern email and collaboration software. However, the specific .CCA file format used by cc:Mail is no longer supported in Lotus Notes or other current email systems.

To access the contents of a .CCA file, you can use a special tool provided by Microsoft called the "Exchange Server Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives." This utility allows users to convert the data stored in .CCA files into .PST files, which are compatible with Microsoft Outlook, a widely-used email and calendar program. This conversion makes it possible to view the emails and attachments contained in the .CCA file using Outlook.

It's important to note that the "Microsoft Importer for Lotus cc:Mail Archives," also known simply as "Importer for Lotus ccMail Archives," is no longer available for download directly from Microsoft. This means that obtaining this tool might require finding it through other sources or using alternative methods to access the data in .CCA files.


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