.CC3.SB3 File Extension

A .CC3.SB3 file is a ClipCC Project, created by Clipteam.

Open with Clipteam ClipCC. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CC3.SB3 file?

A .CC3.SB3 file is a type of file used in a program called ClipCC, which is a version of MIT Scratch 3 that has been modified by Clipteam. This file is essentially a project file that includes all the necessary components of a ClipCC project. These components are usually files in formats like .JSON (which stores data in a structured, easy-to-access manner), .SVG (which is used for vector graphics), and .WAV (which is an audio file format), among others.

The .CC3.SB3 file is actually a .ZIP file that has been renamed. This means that while it is primarily used with the ClipCC program, it can also be opened using any software that can handle .ZIP files. To do this, you would first rename the .CC3.SB3 file extension to .zip and then use a ZIP-decompression utility to access the contents of the file.

Programs that can open a .CC3.SB3 file include: - Clipteam ClipCC: This is the primary software designed for opening and working with .CC3.SB3 files. - Scratux: Another program that can handle these files. - Scratch Desktop: This is a desktop version of MIT Scratch that can also open these files. - Any ZIP-decompression utility: By renaming the file extension from .cc3.sb3 to .zip, you can use standard ZIP file openers to access the file's contents. - Web-based tools like MIT Scratch and other compatible platforms can also open these files when used on systems like Android or Chrome OS.

In summary, .CC3.SB3 files are versatile project files used in ClipCC that can be handled directly by specific Scratch-related programs or by any ZIP file utility after a simple renaming process.


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