.CCN File Extension

A .CCN file is a Compressed Multimedia Fusion File, created by Clickteam.

Open with Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 1.5 (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .CCN file?

The file extension .CCN represents a Compressed Multimedia Fusion File. This type of file is created by a software called Multimedia Fusion, which is used for developing video games. Specifically, .CCN files are usually produced from parts of the game known as sub-application objects. These are smaller components or sections of the overall game application.

When you are building the final version of a game in Multimedia Fusion, the program uses these .CCN files. They are important because they contain data that the software needs to compile and put together the complete game.

One key characteristic of .CCN files is that they are compressed. This means that the file size is reduced to save space, making it easier to manage and quicker to load. However, unlike some other file types used in Multimedia Fusion, such as .MFA files, the .CCN files do not include information that allows you to edit them again in the software. They are more like final pieces that are ready to be integrated into the game.

To open a .CCN file, you would typically use Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 1.5. However, it's important to note that this version of the software has been discontinued. This means that it is no longer being updated or supported by its developers, Clickteam. If you need to work with .CCN files, you might need to find a version of Multimedia Fusion that can still operate on your computer system or look for alternative programs that can handle this file type.


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