.CCP File Extension

A .CCP file is a RIB Import Converter Profile, created by Ambiera.

Open with Ambiera CopperCube 5. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CCP file?

A .CCP file is a type of file known as a RIB Import Converter Profile, which is primarily used with the software CopperCube. CopperCube is an application designed for creating 3D content for apps, games, and websites. The .CCP file contains a prefabricated object, which is a ready-made element that can be directly inserted into a 3D scene within the CopperCube environment. This makes it easier for users to build complex scenes without having to create every object from scratch.

In addition to the 3D object itself, a .CCP file also includes links to image files, typically in .JPG and .PNG formats. These images are used as textures to define the visual appearance of the 3D object, such as its color, pattern, or surface details.

The .CCP file format is somewhat similar to the .PREFAB file used in Unity, another popular game development platform. Both formats are used to store objects that can be reused across different projects or scenes.

To open a .CCP file, you will need to use Ambiera CopperCube 5, which is the specific version of the software designed to handle this file type. Here’s how you can work with .CCP files in CopperCube: 1. **Creating a .CCP File:** - Open CopperCube and go to the File menu. - Choose Export, then select "Save current file as CopperCube Prefab..." - Name your file, choose where you want to save it, and click Save.

2. **Accessing Built-in .CCP Files:** - In CopperCube, built-in .CCP files are located in the "Prefabs" section of the user interface. Examples of these prefabs include objects like "animated clerk," "animated soldier," and "pistol hand." - On a Mac, to find these files, right-click the CopperCube app in your Finder window, select Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents → Resources → bif_prefabs. Here, you will find the .CCP files along with other resources like .BMP files. - On Windows, the built-in .CCP files can be found in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Ambiera\CopperCube 4.3\prefabs.

Understanding and using .CCP files can significantly streamline the process of creating and managing 3D scenes in CopperCube, making it a


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