.CEC File Extension

A .CEC file is a Studio C Alpha Upgrade File, created by Chuck E. Cheese.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CEC file?

A .CEC file is a type of computer file known as a Studio C Alpha Upgrade File. It is specifically used by an attraction called Studio C Alpha, which was a feature in some Chuck E. Cheese restaurants starting in 1997. Studio C Alpha included an animatronic version of the Chuck E. Cheese character who acted as a host for a late-night talk show setup. This attraction also had special lighting and played various video contents, including guest interviews.

The purpose of a .CEC file is to update or modify how the animatronic character and the lights at the Studio C Alpha attraction operate. For example, if the attraction needed to change the way Chuck E. Cheese moved or how the lights flashed during the show, a .CEC file would be used to make these updates.

These .CEC files were originally stored on floppy disks that were branded by Chuck E. Cheese. These disks were part of a package that also included laserdiscs or DVDs, which contained new video content for the show. Over time, as technology advanced, these files and the video content began to be stored on USB flash drives instead.

To open a .CEC file, you can use various text editing software. This includes basic programs like Microsoft Notepad and Apple TextEdit, which come included with their respective operating systems. Other more advanced text editors that can open .CEC files include Vim, GNU Emacs, and any general text editor. Although GitHub Atom could also open these files, it has been discontinued.

In summary, .CEC files are crucial for updating the features of the Studio C Alpha attraction at Chuck E. Cheese locations, allowing changes in animatronic movements and lighting effects to enhance the guest experience. These files can be opened and edited with common text editing software to adjust the settings as needed.


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