.CED File Extension

A .CED file is a JVC Camera Video Data File, created by N/A.

Open with Not meant to be opened. Available for Windows.

What is a .CED file?

The file extension .CED is associated with a JVC Camera Video Data File. This type of file is typically created by certain JVC camcorders when the SD card used in the camera has not been formatted correctly. Because of this improper formatting, the camera cannot save video files in a standard playable format. Instead, it creates a .CED file which contains information about the video that was intended to be recorded, but this file itself cannot be played using video playback software.

To resolve this issue, you should reformat the SD card using the correct settings for the JVC camcorder. Once the SD card is properly formatted, the camera will be able to record videos in common formats like .MTS or .MOD, which are widely supported by various video playback and editing software.

It's important to note that .CED files are not meant to be opened or played because they do not contain actual video data in a recognizable format. Therefore, there are no programs designed to open .CED files. The focus should instead be on preventing the creation of .CED files by ensuring the SD card is correctly formatted for use with your JVC camcorder.


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