.CFA File Extension

A .CFA file is a Adobe Conformed Audio File, created by Frontline.

Open with Frontline ComProbe Analysis System. Available for Windows.

What is a .CFA file?

The file extension .CFA stands for Adobe Conformed Audio File, which is a type of file used by Adobe software to manage audio data. However, in the context provided, .CFA refers to a different type of file used specifically with Frontline ComProbe analyzers. These analyzers, such as the BPA 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer and the BPA Low Energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, create .CFA files to capture data during the analysis of Bluetooth devices.

A .CFA file in this context contains important information collected by the analyzer, including frame numbers, commands, segments, blocks, and UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers). This data is crucial for testing and ensuring that Bluetooth devices meet interoperability standards, which means they can work well with other Bluetooth devices.

To open a .CFA file created by Frontline ComProbe analyzers, you need to use the Frontline ComProbe Analysis System. This specialized software is designed to read and interpret the data captured in .CFA files, helping developers and engineers analyze and troubleshoot Bluetooth devices.

ComProbe analyzers are widely used in the technology industry by major companies like Broadcom, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba. These companies rely on ComProbe analyzers to decode various types of Bluetooth traffic, including data packets, advertising packets, and link layer (LL) control packets, to ensure their products perform correctly and meet industry standards.


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