.CFB File Extension

A .CFB file is a Compound Binary File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+. Available for Windows.

What is a .CFB file?

A .CFB file, which stands for Compound Binary File, is a type of file that acts like a mini file system within a single file. This means it can contain multiple files and directories, much like a folder on your computer. Inside a CFB file, there are different parts that represent these directories and files. These parts are called storage objects for directories and stream objects for files. Additionally, a CFB file can include extra information (metadata) about the software that created it.

CFB files are commonly used by Microsoft OLE applications. OLE, which stands for Object Linking and Embedding, is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows different programs to share information. This could be something like inserting a picture from a photo editing program directly into a document created in a word processor.

The structure of a CFB file is designed to be very organized, similar to how data is managed on hard drives with the FAT file system. It includes several sections like a header, directories for file allocation (FAT, DIFAT, MiniFAT), and areas for storing the actual data (Directory, Stream). This setup helps programs quickly find and access specific parts of the file without having to read the entire file, which can be very efficient. However, if CFB files become too large, they might slow down the computer or take up too much space.

To open a .CFB file, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 or later versions. This file type is especially relevant for developers and professionals who use Microsoft's development tools and OLE applications, such as Microsoft Office or Digital Image programs.

In summary, a .CFB file is a versatile container for storing multiple files and directories in a structured way, used primarily in environments where files are shared or integrated across different Microsoft applications.


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