.CFD File Extension

A .CFD file is a NortonLifeLock Optimization File, created by Symantec.

Open with Not meant to be opened. Available for Windows.

What is a .CFD file?

The .CFD file extension stands for a NortonLifeLock Optimization File. Specifically, a file with this extension, such as, was created by certain NortonLifeLock cybersecurity software during the early 2010s. These files are typically found in the System Volume Information folder on your computer's drive.

The purpose of the file was related to internal optimizations of NortonLifeLock programs. However, it has been noted that this file can become problematic, often being flagged by Windows as corrupt. This can lead to error messages on your computer, suggesting that the file may interfere with system performance.

Users have reported that Windows frequently prompts to run the CHKDSK utility to check and potentially remove the file, along with other similar .CFD files, due to these corruption issues. In 2011, a NortonLifeLock employee named wesleyj clarified that the is an internal file used by Norton software for optimization purposes. Wesleyj also mentioned that deleting this file, as well as other .CFD files, should not cause any harm to your system or affect the functioning of NortonLifeLock programs.

It is important to note that .CFD files like are not meant to be opened or used directly by users. There are no standard programs designed to open these files because they serve a specific function within the NortonLifeLock software ecosystem and are not intended for user interaction.

In summary, if you encounter the file or other .CFD files on your system, and you experience error messages or system issues, it is generally safe to delete these files. Removing them should not impact your data or the performance of your NortonLifeLock cybersecurity programs.


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