.CFC File Extension

A .CFC file is a ColdFusion Component File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe ColdFusion Builder. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CFC file?

The file extension .CFC stands for ColdFusion Component File. This type of file is used in programming for the web and is written in CFML, which stands for ColdFusion Markup Language. ColdFusion is a tool used to build powerful web applications.

A .CFC file contains parts of a web application, specifically data and functions which are also known as methods. These methods perform specific tasks like interacting with a database or processing data. The content in a .CFC file is organized using a special code tag called .

To use the functions defined in a .CFC file, they are often called or "invoked" from another type of ColdFusion file, which has the extension .CFM. This is done using a tag in the .CFM file.

If you need to open a .CFC file, you can use several programs developed by Adobe. These include: - Adobe ColdFusion Builder: A specialized tool for building and managing ColdFusion applications. - Adobe ColdFusion: A server software that processes ColdFusion files. - Adobe Dreamweaver 2021: A web development tool that supports editing ColdFusion files.

These programs help developers write, test, and deploy web applications that use .CFC files. The .CFC files are important because they can handle tasks like querying databases and managing data, making them crucial for dynamic, data-driven websites.


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