.CFL File Extension

A .CFL file is a IMVU Product File, created by IMVU.

Open with IMVU Previewer. Available for Windows.

What is a .CFL file?

The file extension .CFL is associated with IMVU, which is an online instant messaging program. In IMVU, users can create and interact using 3D characters called avatars. The .CFL file type, specifically known as an IMVU Product File, contains various items created for use within the IMVU platform. These items can range from clothing for both male and female avatars, to personal appearance enhancements like hairstyles and skin textures, as well as pets, rooms, and furniture that can be used to customize the IMVU environment.

To open and work with .CFL files, you need to use a specific program called IMVU Previewer. This program is designed for developers who create content for the IMVU platform. With IMVU Previewer, developers can create new products or modify existing ones, and then preview how these items will look within IMVU before they are finalized and uploaded for use by others on the platform. This tool is essential for anyone looking to develop custom content for the IMVU community.


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