.CFM File Extension

A .CFM file is a ColdFusion Markup File, created by Adobe Systems.

Open with Adobe ColdFusion. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CFM file?

A .CFM file, or ColdFusion Markup File, is a type of webpage that includes ColdFusion code, known as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). This code is processed by a ColdFusion web server whenever someone accesses the page. CFM files are used to run ColdFusion applications and scripts, which are often written in CFScript. These files can interact with databases, generate web forms, and create PDF reports dynamically, meaning they do this as needed when the webpage is accessed.

To open and work with .CFM files, you can use several programs and tools. Adobe ColdFusion is a primary software for handling these files. Other compatible programs include New Atlanta BlueDragon and Railo, which are ColdFusion server engines. For editing .CFM files, you might use Adobe ColdFusion Builder or Adobe Dreamweaver, both of which provide integrated development environments (IDEs) tailored for web development including CFML support. Additionally, simpler text editors like Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, or even basic text editors can open .CFM files for code editing. Web browsers can also display the output of CFM files once they are processed by a ColdFusion server.

More advanced tools and environments for developing in CFML include CFEclipse, which is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE, and CFBrackets, an extension for the Brackets code editor. These tools offer more features for developers who are building complex applications using ColdFusion.

CFML, the language used within CFM files, is tag-based, similar to HTML and XML. It includes specific tags that start with "cf" and also supports custom tags for more dynamic and flexible web application development.

It's important to note that ColdFusion, the technology behind CFM files, was originally created by Allaire, then acquired by Macromedia, and is now owned and distributed by Adobe Systems, following their acquisition of Macromedia in 2005. This technology is primarily used by web developers integrating dynamic content and functionalities into websites.


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