.CHC File Extension

A .CHC file is a HCFR Colormeter Data File, created by HCFR Mag.

Open with HCFR Colormeter. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CHC file?

The file extension .CHC represents a HCFR Colormeter Data File. This type of file is specifically created by a software called HCFR Colormeter, which was previously known as ColorHCFR. The main purpose of this software is to help users calibrate the colors displayed by projectors and computer monitors to ensure they are accurate and pleasing to the eye.

A .CHC file contains important data related to color calibration. This includes settings like gamma (which affects the brightness and contrast), RGB levels (which adjust the balance of red, green, and blue colors), and color temperature (which influences the warmth or coolness of the image). Additionally, it stores information related to a standard CIE color diagram, which is a chart used to represent color spaces and the relationships between colors.

To open a .CHC file, you need to use the HCFR Colormeter software. This program allows you to view and analyze the color calibration data saved in the file. It's important to note that HCFR Colormeter does not directly change the color settings on your projector or monitor. Instead, it acts as a tool for testing and finding the best color settings. Once you determine the optimal color settings using the software, you can manually adjust your device's display settings to match those recommended by the HCFR Colormeter.

In summary, if you have a .CHC file, you should use the HCFR Colormeter program to open and work with it. This will help you understand and possibly improve the color performance of your display devices.


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