.CHATALL File Extension

A .CHATALL file is a ChatALL Backup, created by N/A.

Open with ChatALL. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CHATALL file?

A .CHATALL file is a type of backup file specifically used by the ChatALL application. ChatALL is an app designed to let users engage in conversations with multiple Large Language Model (LLM) AI bots simultaneously. The .CHATALL file helps users save and restore their chat settings and messages within the app.

The content of a .CHATALL file is essentially a Zip-compressed archive. This means that the file compresses its contents to save space, similar to a .zip file. Inside this compressed file, you will find multiple .JSON files. These JSON files, named ChatALL.json and localforage.json, store all the necessary data in a plain text format that follows the JSON standard. The ChatALL.json file typically contains the chat history and user settings, while the localforage.json file might store additional app-specific data.

To manage these .CHATALL files, users of the ChatALL app can export their chat settings and histories into a .CHATALL file. This is useful for backing up data or transferring settings and messages from one device to another. Similarly, users can import a .CHATALL file into the ChatALL app to restore their settings and chats.

The primary program that opens a .CHATALL file is the ChatALL application itself. Since the file is specifically designed for use with this app, other programs are unlikely to be able to open or properly handle the contents of a .CHATALL file. Therefore, to open, view, or manage a .CHATALL file, you should use the ChatALL application.


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