.CHRPARAMS File Extension

A .CHRPARAMS file is a CryENGINE Character Parameters File, created by Crytek.

Open with Crytek CryENGINE SDK. Available for Windows.

What is a .CHRPARAMS file?

The file extension .CHRPARAMS refers to a CryENGINE Character Parameters File. This type of file is created using the CryENGINE SDK, which is a collection of tools designed for developing 3D video games. The .CHRPARAMS file includes important data related to character animations in a game. Specifically, it contains links to character animation files, which have the .CAF extension, and details about animation events. These animation events are actions or movements that can be programmed to occur within the game, enhancing the interactive experience.

The .CHRPARAMS file format is used in versions of CryENGINE from 3.3 onwards. It was introduced to simplify the development process by combining the information that was previously spread across three different file types: .CAL (character animation list), .IK (inverse kinematics settings), and .SETUP (character setup files). By consolidating these into a single .CHRPARAMS file, the workflow for game developers is streamlined, making it easier to manage and reference character-related data.

To open a .CHRPARAMS file, you will need to use the Crytek CryENGINE SDK. This software suite is specifically designed to work with CryENGINE game files, including the .CHRPARAMS format. Using the CryENGINE SDK, developers can access and edit the parameters within the file to adjust character animations and related events according to the needs of their game project.


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