.CHS File Extension

A .CHS file is a Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .CHS file?

The .CHS file extension refers to a Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File. This type of file is a system file, which means it is used by the Windows operating system to perform specific functions. Specifically, it is utilized by the Index Server, a feature in Windows that helps in searching files and content on the computer.

The .CHS file is saved in a simple text format and contains a list of "noise words." Noise words are common words that are typically ignored during the search indexing process because they do not help in distinguishing relevant search results. These words are often so common that including them would slow down searches without improving the quality of the results. In the context of the .CHS file, these noise words are in Chinese. An example of a Chinese noise word is 的, which translates to "of" in English. Words like 的 are excluded to make search indexing more efficient.

This file is usually found in the directory C:\Windows\System32\ and is named NOISE.CHS. It is specifically used for managing the Chinese language noise-word list on Windows systems.

To open a .CHS file, you would typically use the Windows operating system itself, as it is designed to be read and utilized by system processes rather than being directly manipulated by users. However, if you need to view or edit the contents of a .CHS file, you can do so using a basic text editor like Notepad in Windows, since the file is in plain text format.

Overall, the .CHS file helps enhance the performance of the Windows Index Server by filtering out unnecessary words in Chinese, thereby speeding up the search process and making it more effective.


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