.CK3 File Extension

A .CK3 file is a Crusader Kings III Saved Game, created by Paradox Interactive.

Open with Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings III. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CK3 file?

A .CK3 file is a type of file used to save a player's progress in the video game Crusader Kings III, which is developed by Paradox Interactive. This file captures all the decisions, strategies, and events that have occurred in the game up to the point of saving. It allows players to stop playing at any time and then resume from where they left off.

There are two types of .CK3 files. Some are plain text files, which means they can be opened and read in any basic text editing software like Notepad or TextEdit. These files are straightforward and contain readable text.

Other .CK3 files are saved in a .ZIP format. This means the saved game data is compressed to take up less space. To view or use these files, you need a zip-decompression program like WinRAR, 7-Zip, or the built-in decompression tools in Windows or macOS. Once decompressed, the contents are typically in plain text format.

To open a .CK3 file, you can use the following programs: - Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings III game itself, which can load the saved game so you can continue playing. - Any standard text editor, if the file is a plain text version, to view or modify the contents of the saved game. - A zip-decompression utility, if the file is in .ZIP format, to first extract the actual saved game data.

Always ensure you are using the correct tool depending on whether the .CK3 file is a plain text file or a compressed .ZIP file.


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