.CK9 File Extension

A .CK9 file is a Cook'n Cookbook Backup File, created by DVO Enterprises.

Open with DVO Enterprises Cook'n+. Available for Windows.

What is a .CK9 file?

The file extension .CK9 is associated with a Cook'n Cookbook Backup File. This type of file is specifically created by the Cook'n software, which is a tool designed for managing and storing recipes in digital cookbook format. The .CK9 file contains a backup copy of a .DVO cookbook file. This is particularly useful for safeguarding your data, ensuring that you can recover your recipes and other related information if the original .DVO file becomes lost or damaged due to corruption or other issues.

To handle a .CK9 file, you will need to use the DVO Enterprises Cook'n software. This program is capable of both creating and restoring these backup files. If you need to create a backup of your cookbook data, you can do so within the Cook'n software by navigating to the File menu, choosing the Backup option, and then selecting a location where you want the backup file saved. This creates a .CK9 file at the specified location.

If you ever need to restore your cookbook data from a .CK9 file, you can also use the Cook'n software to do this. Go to the File menu, select Restore, and then choose the .CK9 file you wish to restore from. It's important to note that restoring data from a .CK9 file will overwrite any existing data in your cookbook, so you should proceed with caution to ensure that you do not unintentionally lose any current data.

In summary, the .CK9 file extension is crucial for users of the Cook'n software who want to back up and restore their digital cookbook files (.DVO), providing a safety net against data loss.


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