.CLB File Extension

A .CLB file is a ICQ Contact List, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft COM+. Available for Windows.

What is a .CLB file?

The .CLB file extension is associated with ICQ Contact List files, but it is also used by Microsoft COM+, a service on Windows operating systems. COM+ helps different parts of a computer program communicate with each other effectively. A .CLB file in this context contains important data about COM+ applications, including attributes related to the application itself, the classes it uses, and settings specific to the computer it's running on. This information helps ensure that services on the computer work consistently and correctly together.

These .CLB files are typically stored in a specific location on your computer, known as the COM+ registration database. You can find this database in the folder named %windows_directory%\registration. The files are named using a specific pattern, which looks like R00000000000X.clb, where 'X' can be any letter or number.

To open a .CLB file that is used by Microsoft COM+, you would generally use the Microsoft COM+ services on a Windows computer. This is because these files are formatted specifically for use by this system component and are not meant to be opened in a traditional way, like a text file or an image. They are system files that help with the operation of your computer's software environment.


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