.CLD File Extension

A .CLD file is a Canon CD Label Template, created by Canon.

Open with Canon CD-LabelPrint. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CLD file?

The file extension .CLD refers to a Canon CD Label Template. This type of file is specifically used for designing and printing CD labels and covers using a Canon printer. The .CLD file contains predefined areas for printing, which help users easily start and format their CD artwork.

These files are primarily used by a software program called CD-LabelPrint, which is often included with some of Canon's Pixma printer models. The CD-LabelPrint program allows users to open the .CLD files, customize the design by adding text, images, and other elements, and then print the final design directly onto a CD or its cover.

To open a .CLD file, you will need to use the Canon CD-LabelPrint software. This software is designed to work with Canon printers and provides the necessary tools to access and use the features of the .CLD files effectively.

Additionally, it's worth noting that .CLD files are similar to .CVD files, which are also used in a different context by ClamAV, an antivirus software. In ClamAV, .CVD files are used for virus databases, not for printing. However, in the context of Canon printers and CD-LabelPrint, the .CLD files are strictly used for creating and printing CD labels and covers.


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