.CLM File Extension

A .CLM file is a GenePattern CEL Descriptor File, created by YMAX.

Open with YMAX magicJack. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CLM file?

The file extension .CLM is associated with a specific type of file known as a GenePattern CEL Descriptor File. This file is created by a program called magicJack, which works in conjunction with a magicJack USB phone device. The primary purpose of this device and program is to enable users to make phone calls over the internet.

A .CLM file specifically contains a log of recent phone calls made using the magicJack device. This log includes details such as the time of the call, the phone numbers involved, and the duration of each call. The information is organized into a call log that helps users track and review their recent phone call activities.

To open a .CLM file, you need to use the YMAX magicJack software. This software is specifically designed to work with magicJack devices and can handle the data stored in .CLM files. When you open a .CLM file in the YMAX magicJack software, you can view the details of your recent phone calls, which are typically organized into three columns: the CEL file name, the sample name, and a phenotype class. These columns help categorize and manage the call data effectively.

In summary, if you have a .CLM file, you will need the YMAX magicJack software to open and manage the call log data stored in it. This setup is particularly useful for individuals who frequently use the magicJack device for making phone calls and wish to keep a detailed record of their call history.


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