.CLP File Extension

A .CLP file is a Windows Clipboard File, created by Reallusion.

Open with Reallusion CrazyTalk. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CLP file?

The file extension .CLP refers to a Windows Clipboard File, specifically used in animation programs developed by Reallusion. This type of file is known as a motion clip and is created using CrazyTalk, a program designed to animate facial expressions. The main purpose of a .CLP file is to store a short clip of a facial expression that has been recorded in real-time. This is particularly useful for synchronizing spoken audio with the corresponding facial movements, such as lip-syncing in animated characters.

A .CLP file captures various facial expressions, including subtle movements like rolling eyes or mouth gestures, which are essential for conveying emotions in animations. These pre-recorded facial movements can then be inserted into an animation timeline, allowing animators to enhance the realism and emotional impact of their characters without having to animate these expressions manually each time.

To open and work with .CLP files, you can use several programs developed by Reallusion, including: 1. **Reallusion CrazyTalk**: This is the primary software for which the .CLP file format was originally designed. CrazyTalk specializes in facial animation and provides tools for aligning and editing facial movements with voice and sound.

2. **Reallusion Cartoon Animator**: Formerly known as CrazyTalk Animator, this program extends the capabilities of CrazyTalk by allowing not only facial animation but also full-body character animation. It supports .CLP files for integrating facial expressions into broader animation projects.

These programs provide a comprehensive set of tools for animators looking to create detailed and expressive animated characters, making the process more efficient and effective by utilizing pre-recorded .CLP files.


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