.CM5 File Extension

A .CM5 file is a Clone Manager File, created by Sci-Ed.

Open with Sci-Ed Clone Manager. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CM5 file?

The .CM5 file extension is associated with Clone Manager, a specialized software used primarily for cloning simulation, managing enzyme operations, and creating graphic representations of molecular maps. Files saved with the .CM5 extension are known as Clone Manager molecule files. These files contain important data about molecules, including the molecule's name, its size, and its genetic sequence. Additionally, a .CM5 file may also store extra details such as descriptions, notes, features related to the genetic material, sites for enzymes, and primer sites which are crucial for DNA amplification and studies.

To open a .CM5 file, you can use the following programs: - Sci-Ed Clone Manager: This is the primary software designed to work with .CM5 files. - GSL Biotech SnapGene: Another program that can handle .CM5 files, offering tools for visualizing and analyzing DNA sequences. - Genome Compiler: Although this program has been discontinued, it was previously capable of opening .CM5 files.

For users who need to share molecule data with others who might not use Clone Manager, it is advisable to convert .CM5 files into the .CX5 format. This conversion can be done within the Clone Manager software, facilitating easier data exchange between different users and systems.


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