.CMA File Extension

A .CMA file is a TM1 Exported Cube File, created by CMA Foundation.

Open with CMA Coach. Available for Windows.

What is a .CMA file?

The .CMA file extension refers to a TM1 Exported Cube File, which is primarily associated with the software Coach, developed in the Netherlands. Coach is a computer modeling program tailored for educational purposes, particularly useful for students aged 8 to 20. It is commonly utilized in school settings due to its robust teaching tools.

A .CMA file is an activity file that contains various elements used in dynamic modeling projects. These elements can include pictures, videos, and text, all of which are integral to the document stored within Coach project folders. Essentially, this file format holds all the necessary components for a measurement or control activity designed within the Coach program.

To open a .CMA file, you will need to use the Coach software. This program allows users to interact with and manipulate the contents of the .CMA file as part of their learning and project activities.

Additionally, it's important to note that .CMA files are related to .CMR files, which are also used in Coach. While .CMA files contain the setup and elements of an activity, .CMR files store the results of a student's work on that activity. This distinction is crucial for educators and students using Coach to understand the scope and output of their projects.


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