.CNG File Extension

A .CNG file is a CryptoNG Encrypted Archive, created by Vassil Arabadjiev.

Open with CryptoNG. Available for Windows.

What is a .CNG file?

The file extension .CNG represents a CryptoNG Encrypted Archive. This type of file is generated by a software called CryptoNG, which is specifically designed to secure files by encrypting them. Encryption is a method of protecting data by converting it into a secure format that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people, and CryptoNG uses a very strong encryption method known as AES-256. This method is highly secure and is widely recognized for its strength and effectiveness.

A .CNG file is essentially a collection or a 'bundle' of one or more files that have been encrypted together into a single archive. To access the contents of a .CNG file, you must know the correct password that was set when the file was originally encrypted. Without this password, it is nearly impossible to decrypt and retrieve the original files, ensuring the data remains private and secure.

To open a .CNG file, you need to use the CryptoNG program. This is the same software that was used to create the encrypted archive. Once you open the file in CryptoNG, you will be prompted to enter the password. If the correct password is provided, CryptoNG will decrypt the file and allow you to access the original files that were encrypted.

In summary, .CNG files are secure encrypted archives created by CryptoNG, using AES-256 encryption, and can only be opened with the CryptoNG software and the correct password.


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