.CNM File Extension

A .CNM file is a NoteMap Outline File, created by LexisNexis.

Open with LexisNexis NoteMap. Available for Windows.

What is a .CNM file?

The file extension .CNM represents a NoteMap Outline File. This type of file is created by a software called LexisNexis NoteMap Outline, which is specifically designed for creating structured outlines. The content of a .CNM file is organized in a text document format that uses an outline structure to arrange information. This structure typically includes main topics that are indented to show different levels of importance or hierarchy, along with subpoints and additional notes under each topic.

.CNM files are particularly useful in legal settings, where they are often employed for analyzing cases and organizing case-related information effectively. This can help legal professionals assess cases more clearly and systematically.

To open a .CNM file, you need to use the LexisNexis NoteMap software. This program is tailored to handle the specific format and structure of NoteMap Outline Files, allowing users to view and edit the outlines as needed.


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