.DOCMHTML File Extension

A .DOCMHTML file is a Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document, created by Microsoft.

Open with No longer supported by Microsoft Word. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .DOCMHTML file?

A .DOCMHTML file is a type of file known as a Microsoft Word MIME HTML Document. This file format was used by older versions of Microsoft Word, which is a program designed for creating and editing text documents. The .DOCMHTML file contains HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) source code. HTML is the standard language used to create and design web pages. The content in a .DOCMHTML file is structured in HTML format to closely resemble the appearance and layout of the original document created in Microsoft Word, typically with a .DOC extension.

The purpose of a .DOCMHTML file was to archive and save a document in a web-friendly format. This allowed users to view and share the document's content easily through web browsers, making it accessible on various devices without needing Microsoft Word installed.

However, it's important to note that .DOCMHTML files are no longer supported by newer versions of Microsoft Word. This means that you cannot open these files directly in the latest Microsoft Word applications. Since Microsoft no longer supports this file format, finding a program that can open .DOCMHTML files might be challenging. If you need to access the content of a .DOCMHTML file, you might consider converting it to a more current file format using a file conversion tool or looking for older software that still supports this format. Alternatively, you can try opening the file in a web browser, as the HTML format is universally supported by browsers, which might display the document's content.


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