.DOCSET File Extension

A .DOCSET file is a Doxygen Document Set File, created by Doxygen.

Open with Apple Xcode. Available for Mac.

What is a .DOCSET file?

A .DOCSET file is a special kind of developer file made by a program called Doxygen. Doxygen is a tool that helps programmers by taking a lot of source code (the basic instructions that make up a program) and automatically creating easy-to-understand documentation for it. This documentation is like a detailed guide that explains how the source code works, which is very helpful for developers who need to understand or use the code.

The .DOCSET file contains all this documentation in one place. It's like a big archive or library that holds information about various parts of the source code, including different files and the roles of specific pieces of code. This is really useful for developers because it organizes a lot of complex information in a way that's easier to access and understand.

To open a .DOCSET file, you can use programs like Apple Xcode or Kapeli Dash. Apple Xcode is a development tool for creating apps for Apple's platforms, like macOS and iOS, and it can open .DOCSET files to help developers with their projects. Kapeli Dash is another application that lets you view and manage documentation, including .DOCSET files, making it easier to find the information you need while coding.

It's also worth noting that Doxygen, the tool that creates .DOCSET files, supports a wide range of programming languages. This includes popular ones like C/C++, Objective-C, Java, and Python. This means that no matter what programming language you're working with, Doxygen can help you create a .DOCSET file to document your source code, and then you can use either Apple Xcode or Kapeli Dash to open and explore that documentation.


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