.DRMX File Extension

A .DRMX file is a Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File, created by Drumlin Security.

Open with Drumlin Security Javelin PDF Reader. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .DRMX file?

The .DRMX file extension refers to a "Drumlin Fully Secure PDF File." This type of file is a PDF (Portable Document Format) that has been saved in a secure, proprietary format developed by Drumlin Security. The purpose of this format is to provide enhanced security for digital documents such as books, reports, or manuals.

The .DRMX file is created using Drumlin Security's Drumlin PDF Publisher software. This software is specifically designed to convert standard PDF files into a secure format, either .DRMX or .DRMZ, with .DRMX being suitable for desktop and laptop computers. The security features include assigning a unique authorization code to each file, which helps in protecting the digital assets contained within the file from unauthorized access.

To view or read a .DRMX file, you can use Drumlin Security's Javelin PDF Reader. This reader is capable of handling the secure features embedded in the .DRMX file, ensuring that the content is displayed as intended while maintaining its security. Additionally, Drumlin Security also offers the Drumlin PDF Reader and Publisher, which not only allows you to read these secure files but also to create them.

An interesting feature of the Javelin PDF Reader is its ability to distribute secure PDF files easily and securely across the globe. Furthermore, within the Drumlin PDF Publisher software, there is an option to convert a .DRMX file into a "Click and Go" .EXE file. This is done through the File Menu by selecting Publish → Create EXE. This feature is particularly useful for distributing secure documents in a format that is easy for end-users to open and view without needing additional software.

It's important to note that the .DRMX file is similar to the .DRMZ file. The main difference is that .DRMZ files are optimized for mobile devices, whereas .DRMX files are intended for use on desktop and laptop computers.

In summary, .DRMX files are secure PDF documents created and read using specific software from Drumlin Security, designed to protect digital content through unique authorization codes and proprietary formatting.


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