.DRMZ File Extension

A .DRMZ file is a Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File, created by Drumlin Security.

Open with Drumlin Security Javelin PDF Reader. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .DRMZ file?

The .DRMZ file extension represents a "Drumlin Fully Secure Mobile PDF File." This type of file is a PDF (Portable Document Format) that has been secured using Drumlin Security's proprietary technology. It is specifically designed to be read on both computers and mobile devices.

The .DRMZ files are created using a program called Drumlin PDF Publisher. This software is part of the Drumlin Security suite, which specializes in securing PDF documents to prevent unauthorized access and use. Each .DRMZ file is given a unique authorization code to ensure that only authorized users can open and read the contents. This makes it an excellent choice for protecting sensitive digital assets like reports, manuals, or books.

To open a .DRMZ file, you can use several programs developed by Drumlin Security: 1. **Drumlin Security Javelin PDF Reader** - This program is available for both computers and mobile devices, including iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to view .DRMZ files securely.

2. **Drumlin Security Drumlin PDF Reader and Publisher** - This software not only lets you read .DRMZ files but also allows you to create them by converting standard PDF files into the secure DRMZ or DRMX formats.

The main difference between .DRMZ and .DRMX files is that .DRMZ files are compatible with mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets, making them more versatile for mobile use.

In summary, if you need to secure a PDF document and ensure it can be safely distributed and read on various devices, converting it to a .DRMZ file using Drumlin's software might be the solution. You can then open these files using Drumlin's Javelin PDF Reader on multiple platforms.


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