.DRPM File Extension

A .DRPM file is a Delta RPM File, created by The Fedora Project.

Open with The Fedora Project Presto. Available for Linux.

What is a .DRPM file?

The .DRPM file extension stands for Delta RPM File. It is a type of file used by Linux operating systems to help install software updates more efficiently. Unlike a regular .RPM file, which contains all the data needed to install a software package, a .DRPM file is much smaller because it only includes the changes or updates made since the last version of the software was installed. This means that .DRPM files save time and bandwidth by only downloading the necessary updates.

To open a .DRPM file, you can use software tools provided by the Linux community, specifically for systems that use RPM packages. Two main programs that can handle .DRPM files are: 1. **The Fedora Project Presto**: This is an add-on for the Yum package manager used in Fedora Linux. It allows Yum to process .DRPM files to update software without needing to download full RPM packages.

2. **YaST**: This is a configuration and installation tool used in openSUSE and SUSE Linux distributions. It also supports handling .DRPM files for efficient software updates.

When you use these tools to open a .DRPM file, they work by taking the existing RPM files already installed on your system and combining them with the updates contained in the .DRPM file. This process reconstructs the full updated RPM package, ensuring that your system only downloads the parts of the software that have changed since your last update, rather than the entire package. This method is beneficial as it reduces the amount of data you need to download and speeds up the update process.


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