.SAZ File Extension

A .SAZ file is a Fiddler Session Archive, created by Progress.

Open with Progress Fiddler. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SAZ file?

A .SAZ file is a special kind of file that is made by a program called Progress Fiddler. Progress Fiddler is a tool used by people who build and check websites to see how data moves back and forth on the internet. When someone is using Fiddler to look at web traffic (which means the data being sent and received while you browse the internet), they can save a record of this activity. This saved record is what we call a .SAZ file. It's like a snapshot of the web traffic, including all the details of the data exchanged and any additional information related to it.

To make a .SAZ file, a user of Fiddler would go through the menu in the program and choose to save all the sessions they've been monitoring. This is done by clicking on "File" in the menu, then "Save", and finally selecting "All Sessions." If you have a .SAZ file and you want to open it to see what's inside, you primarily use Progress Fiddler, the same program that created it. However, there's a neat trick you can do if you don't have Fiddler or need another way to look into the file. Since a .SAZ file is essentially a compressed file (like a .zip file), you can change its name by replacing ".saz" with ".zip" at the end of the file name. Once you've done that, you can use any program that opens .ZIP files to see what's inside the .SAZ file. This could be useful if you're trying to get to the data in a quick way without using Fiddler.

Besides Progress Fiddler, there are a couple of other programs that can work with .SAZ files. One of them is Progress Test Studio for APIs, which is a tool for testing how different parts of a website or web application talk to each other over the internet. This program can also open and work with .SAZ files, making it useful for people who are testing and debugging web services.


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