.SBQ File Extension

A .SBQ file is a Superbase QuickReports File, created by Superbase Software.

Open with Superbase Software Superbase NG. Available for Windows.

What is a .SBQ file?

An SBQ file is a type of file used specifically with Superbase software, which is a tool for creating and managing database applications. The ".SBQ" file extension stands for Superbase QuickReports File. This file format is crucial for users who need to generate reports from databases.

The primary function of an SBQ file is to store data queries. These queries are instructions that tell Superbase how to extract specific data from a database. For instance, if a company wants to view a report on their current inventory, the SBQ file would contain the necessary query to pull this data from the company's database.

To create or modify an SBQ file, users utilize the Report Designer feature within Superbase. This feature allows users to specify exactly what data they want to include in their reports, making it easier to tailor the information to specific needs.

The SBQ files are compatible with different versions of Superbase software. They can be opened using Superbase NG (Next Generation) or Superbase Classic. Both of these programs support the creation, editing, and viewing of SBQ files and the reports generated from them.

In summary, SBQ files are essential for developers and users of Superbase software who need to create detailed reports from databases. These files help in specifying and retrieving the right subset of data needed for effective reporting and management.


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