.SBR File Extension

A .SBR file is a Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+. Available for Windows.

What is a .SBR file?

The .SBR file extension stands for Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File. This type of file is created by a program called Visual Studio, which is a tool made by Microsoft for people who write and develop software. When you're working on a big project in Visual Studio, it deals with a lot of code written in files. The .SBR file contains special information taken from these code files. This information is like a middle step in creating another file called a .BSC file. The .BSC file is useful because it lets you easily look through and find different parts of your application, like where certain pieces of code are used.

To open a .SBR file, you need to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 or a newer version of this program. Visual Studio understands how to read the .SBR file and use the information inside it to help you with your coding project. It's not a file you would open to edit directly, but rather, Visual Studio uses it in the background to help organize and navigate your code more efficiently.


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