.SBW File Extension

A .SBW file is a US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File, created by US Treasury.

Open with GBonds. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SBW file?

The .SBW file extension is used for a type of financial document called a US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File. This kind of file is made by a program called Savings Bond Wizard, which was designed to help people manage their savings bonds from the United States. Inside an .SBW file, you can find a list of financial records. Each record shows important information about a savings bond, such as when it was bought, its value, how much interest it earns, its serial number, its yield, and what its value might be in the future. This file is really useful for keeping track of your personal investments in savings bonds.

To open an .SBW file, you can use a program called GBonds or the US Treasury Savings Bond Wizard. However, it's important to know that the US Treasury Savings Bond Wizard program is no longer available because it has been discontinued.

Additionally, the US Treasury offers an online tool called the Savings Bond Calculator. This tool works in your internet browser and lets you download information about your savings bonds in a .HTM format. Once you have this .HTM file, you can add this information to an existing .SBW file. You can also add information from .CSV files, which are common types of files used for storing data in a simple, table-like format.

In summary, .SBW files are used to keep track of US savings bonds investments, and while the original program for managing these files is no longer available, there are still ways to access and manage your savings bond information.


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