.SBX File Extension

A .SBX file is a ESRI Spatial Index File, created by MIT.

Open with Web. Available for .

What is a .SBX file?

An SBX file is a special type of file used in a project on ScratchX, which is a platform for experimenting with new features for the Scratch programming language through JavaScript extensions. Scratch is a user-friendly programming language designed to help beginners, especially young learners, to create their own games, animations, and interactive stories. The SBX file contains a project that someone has made to add new capabilities to Scratch, allowing it to work with different kinds of hardware like robots (for example, the iRobot vacuum cleaners or LEGO EV3 robots) or to use information from the internet (like getting text to speech from Amazon or translations from Google Translate).

Scratch has several versions, and each version uses different file types for saving projects (.SB3 for Scratch 3.0, .SB2 for Scratch 2.0, and .SB for the original Scratch). ScratchX, where SBX files come from, is a special version created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It's designed for testing and sharing new experimental features that aren't part of the main Scratch platform.

To use an SBX file, you would typically go to the MIT ScratchX website and use its project editor. There, you could load an SBX file to see or work on the project. If you wanted to create your own SBX file, you would also use this editor to make your project and then save it as an SBX file. However, it's important to know that MIT has discontinued ScratchX, which means the platform is no longer officially supported or updated. This discontinuation might affect how you can access or use SBX files and the ScratchX editor in the future.


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