.SCC File Extension

A .SCC file is a Scenarist Closed Caption File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCC file?

The .SCC file is a type of file called a Scenarist Closed Caption File. It's a special file used by a program called Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. This program helps people who are creating software to keep track of different versions of their work. It works well with another program called Visual Studio, which is where people write and test their software.

The .SCC file contains important information that helps Microsoft Visual SourceSafe manage the software project. It keeps track of changes and helps developers get the latest version of the files they need or submit their changes to the project. However, these .SCC files are not sent to the main storage area where all the project's files are kept. Instead, they are used for communication between the developer's computer and this main storage area.

If you have an .SCC file, you can open it with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 or newer versions. These programs understand the .SCC file and can use the information inside it to help manage the software project.

Some examples of .SCC file names are Mssccprj.scc, which is a plain text file, VSSVer.scc, and VSSVer2.scc. These files are important for developers using Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio to work on software projects together.


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