.SCD File Extension

A .SCD file is a TurboTax Tax Schedule List, created by Intuit.

Open with Intuit TurboTax. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SCD file?

The .SCD file is a special kind of document that comes from a program called TurboTax, which people use to help them with their taxes. This file has a list of all the different tax forms and schedules that TurboTax can handle. It's like a big checklist that TurboTax makes to keep track of what it can do. The cool thing about this file is that it's made in a simple way, so you can open it and look at it in any basic text editing program, like Notepad on a Windows computer.

You can open this .SCD file with TurboTax, which is the program that made it. But, it can also be opened with another program by the same company called Quicken. Both of these programs know how to read this file and understand what's inside it.

There's an extra neat trick with these .SCD files. When you're using TurboTax to look through your tax information, you can do something called a Quick Scan or a Thorough Scan. These scans help you find and organize your tax information. If you do a Thorough Scan, you can save all the information it finds into an .SCD file. This is super helpful because if you need to go back and find some of that information again later, you don't have to do the whole Thorough Scan over again. Instead, you can just open the .SCD file you saved, and it's like you're picking up right where you left off. This saves a lot of time and makes managing your tax information a lot easier.


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