.SFK File Extension

A .SFK file is a Sound Forge Pro Audio Peak File, created by MAGIX.

Open with MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 17. Available for Windows.

What is a .SFK file?

An .SFK file is a type of file used by audio editing software called Sound Forge Pro and VEGAS Pro, both developed by MAGIX. This file stores a visual representation, or "waveform image," of an audio file, specifically a .WAV file. It's important to note that the .SFK file itself does not contain any actual audio data. Instead, it helps the software quickly show you what the sound wave of the audio file looks like without having to process the audio data again. This can save time, especially when working with large audio files.

The .SFK files are automatically created and placed in the same folder as the corresponding .WAV file when you open the .WAV file in either Sound Forge Pro or VEGAS Pro. If changes are made to the .WAV file using another program, you can update the .SFK file in Sound Forge Pro by choosing "Rebuild Peak Data" from the "Special" menu to ensure it accurately reflects the waveform of the updated audio file.

Originally, older versions of Sound Forge Pro used a different file type, .SFL, for the same purpose. However, .SFK files have now replaced .SFL files.

To open an .SFK file, you will need to use MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 17 or MAGIX VEGAS Pro 21. These programs are specifically designed to work with .SFK files and provide tools for professional audio editing.

A bit of history: Sound Forge Pro was initially developed by a company called Sonic Foundry. Sony later acquired it in 2003, and then MAGIX acquired it from Sony in 2016.


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