.SFL File Extension

A .SFL file is a Sound Forge Pro Sound Data File, created by MAGIX.

Open with Older versions (7 and earlier) of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro. Available for Windows.

What is a .SFL file?

A .SFL file is a type of data file specifically used by older versions of a program called Sound Forge Pro, specifically versions 7 and earlier. This file does not contain any actual audio data. Instead, it stores important information about regions and markers that are part of a corresponding .WAV audio file. Regions and markers are used to identify specific parts of the audio file, such as the start and end of a song or the location of particular sounds.

When you open a .WAV file in Sound Forge Pro, if there is an associated .SFL file, the program uses the information in the .SFL file to visually display the regions and markers on the audio file. This helps in editing and managing the audio data more efficiently.

For example, if you have an audio file named "example.wav," Sound Forge Pro will automatically create a data file named "example.sfl" in the same folder. This .SFL file will contain all the marker and region information for "example.wav." It's important to note that starting with version 8 of Sound Forge Pro, the software no longer uses .SFL files but has switched to using .SFK files for storing similar information.

To open a .SFL file, you will need to use an older version of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro (version 7 or earlier). This software was originally developed by Sonic Foundry, then acquired by Sony in 2003, and later by MAGIX in 2016.


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