.SFM File Extension

A .SFM file is a S Memo File, created by Samsung.

Open with Samsung Notes. Available for Windows.

What is a .SFM file?

An SFM file is a type of file used to store memos created with the Samsung S Memo application. This application was available on some older Samsung smartphones and allowed users to create memos that could include text, images, and audio clips. Users could type using the phone's keypad, draw using the Samsung S Pen, or add voice recordings to their memos. The memos were saved with the .SFM file extension.

However, Samsung discontinued the S Memo app in 2018 and replaced it with a new app called Samsung Notes. Samsung Notes offers similar features but saves files with a different extension, .SDOCX. Despite this change, if you previously used S Memo and saved your memos as SFM files, you can still access these files. Users who backed up their SFM files to their Samsung account can restore and open these files in Samsung Notes.

To open an SFM file, you will need to use the Samsung Notes app, which is available on Samsung smartphones running the Android operating system. If you have old SFM files from the discontinued S Memo app, you can import them into Samsung Notes to view and edit them.


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