.SGB File Extension

A .SGB file is a Super Game Boy ROM File, created by Relic Entertainment.

Open with Relic Entertainment Dawn of War. Available for Windows.

What is a .SGB file?

The file extension .SGB refers to a Super Game Boy ROM File, which is specifically used by the video game "Dawn of War," a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment. This type of file contains important data for the game, including multi-player maps. These maps detail where players start, the locations of resources they can use, the type of terrain present, the overall size of the map, and the conditions needed for victory in the game.

The .SGB files are crucial for players who want to modify the game or create new maps, allowing for customization of the original game content. This means that players can change how the game looks and plays by altering these files.

To open or modify .SGB files, you can use specific programs designed for handling game files. These include: 1. **Relic Entertainment Dawn of War** - This is the main program that uses .SGB files, as it is the game for which the files are designed. 2. **Corsix's SGA Reader** - This tool can open and read .SGB files, allowing users to view and possibly edit the contents of the file. 3. **SpookyRAT** - This is another tool that can handle .SGB files, typically used for more advanced modifications and map creations.

For those interested in finding these files, they are usually located in the "Data\Scenarios\MP" folder within the installation directory of the Dawn of War game. This location is where the game stores all the map files, including the .SGB files, which are part of the larger set of files that make up a complete game map.


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