.SGD File Extension

A .SGD file is a GeneSnap Image File, created by Syngene.

Open with Syngene GeneSnap (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .SGD file?

The .SGD file extension is associated with a specific type of image file called a GeneSnap Image File. This file format is specifically used by a software program called GeneSnap, which is designed for scientists working in laboratories. The main purpose of this file format is to store images of electrophoretic gels. Electrophoretic gels are used in scientific experiments to separate and analyze large molecules like DNA and RNA.

One important feature of the .SGD file format is that it follows Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. This means that once an image is saved in this format, it cannot be altered or modified, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the data for scientific and regulatory purposes.

GeneSnap, the software that creates .SGD files, was part of the Syngene gel documentation and analysis systems. It allowed scientists to capture, save, and manage images of their gel experiments. Although GeneSnap could handle various image formats, the .SGD format was unique because it provided a secure, unmodifiable record of the gel images.

In addition to saving images in the .SGD format, GeneSnap also allowed users to export images to other common formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PCX, and WPG. These formats could be used for sharing, further analysis, or presentations where file modification is permissible.

To open an .SGD file, you would typically use the GeneSnap software. However, it's important to note that Syngene, the company behind GeneSnap, has discontinued this software. This means that accessing files in the .SGD format might require specific legacy support or finding alternative software capable of reading the format.

In summary, the .SGD file extension is used for storing unmodifiable images of electrophoretic gels in compliance with strict laboratory standards, primarily through the now-discontinued GeneSnap software.


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